About Me

The journey to loving my many facets started 22 years ago when I began to sail the world on a 48-foot sailbot. To do that, I had to leave my family and friends and truly detach. Over the following 11 years and in over 33 countries, I learned the life lessons that shaped me into the woman I am today. 

Even though I’m no longer sailing, what I learned during that time will forever stay with me, and guide me as I encourage other women to detach from others to embrace herself.

I believe in

  • miracles and a power greater than myself;
  • prophylactic health care, functional medicien, and integrating mind, body, and spirit;
  • the body’s homeostasis and its ability to heal itself;
  • that I am responsible for my reality;
  • the power of the mind to change the body;
  • that everything is energy and is here to help me;
  • that anything is possible!